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to send Email messages with large files of GmailIt can be one of the most boring things to overcome. Although there are some methods that can help you solve this problem, it turns out to be quite complicated.

Under this premise, there are tricks that you can use from your cell phone Android a iOS To avoid these conditions and thus have the option of sending large documents without any inconvenience in the process.

One of these methods through Google Drivewhere you can send many large files directly from a file e-mail. For more details, follow step by step.

So you can send large Gmail files using Google Drive

  • From you smart phoneGo to the app Gmail And write an email.
  • Next, at the bottom of the inbox, go to the icon Google Drive.
  • At this time, a pop-up dialog will appear that includes the file browser. Through it, you will have to select the file that you want to send.
  • Once you have selected the document, tap not suitable and drag the file.
  • After a few seconds, you should make sure that the option at the bottom of your screen is activated Inless D-Drivenext to the . button add as.

This way, you can send larger files from the Google Drive app; However, you should be aware that these documents It should not exceed 15 GBAnd the Which is what the Google cloud gives you for free.

How to snooze a Gmail message from Android

In this way, you will again receive a file e-mail Sent to you as a reminder. Also, you can apply it with every message you want.

  • First, enter the application Gmail on your mobile phone.
  • Now, open the email you want to snooze.
  • Once done, select on the menu bar.
  • Finally, choose the . button Postpone.
  • In this pane, you can choose the time and date of the email or, by default, click on the options already selected.
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