Où trouver le dixième cœur de géant à Shadespire dans Lost Ark ?

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In the Lost Ark, Unknown Island is an adventure island that you can only access at certain times of the day. You can find the island in the sea of ​​heaven between the continents of Chaucher and Phetton. On this island, you can find a total of three Mokoko seeds.

When unfolded, these seeds are dark green in color but then glow a light yellow/green. Find out below where you can find the three Mokoko seeds on the unknown island.

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Once you reach the island, you will fight against the monster of the king of darkness or the monster of the king of light to receive the rewards. While searching for bosses on the island, you will come across the three Mokoko seeds buried in trees and foliage. We have marked exactly where you can find it on the map below.

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Once you find these seeds, you’ll be closer to getting all 49 Mokoko seeds found in the North Porycon Sea.

For more information on the Lost Ark, see all of the Mokoko Seed locations on the Azure Wind Island in the Lost Ark at the Lost Ark and all of the Boss locations in the world in the Lost Ark on Pro Game Guides.

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