Emma Bonino knows well thereAfghanistan Even better, the capital, Kabul, where she lived for six months and was even arrested for a few hours the first time she set foot there. That was in 1997 and I played the role of European Commissioner: even if times have changed since then and Taliban They are no longer the same, Bonino still does not trust them at all.

So much so that I am convinced that Prepare On respecting human and women’s rights “They will continue in the morning space”, As stated in an interview with printing. The determination of the new masters of Afghanistan is clear to Senator + Europe: “Now they have to show the world that they have changed and become moderate. But I do not know the moderate Taliban. Surely, it was not the Taliban government that I saw in action in 1997. But I think so Great promises, pardon, even a journalist interviewing her spokesperson, it’s all smoke. We’ll see them in action shortly.”

Not back home, thousands of Afghan citizens are trying to escape: “What surprised me – said Bonino – is Unprepared for breakfast and Americans above all. With all the money they spent on intelligence, couldn’t they have realized that one morning the government would be dissolved? And the same for the army. I am also upset to discover that they did not even have an evacuation plan.”

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