Protesters protest the arrival of Eric Jemmour at Nantes this Saturday

Eric Zemmor continues the promotion of his latest book this weekend, which looks like a pre-presidential campaign. This Saturday, he will be in Nantes, where a hostile reception team awaits him, and his lawyer has demanded that the trial begin after targets are drawn on posters bearing his statue.

It was this Friday, at Plutarch near Saint-Malo. 300 to 400 left-wing activists chanted slogans such as “Open and united Brittany” or the very hurtful “Betten, come back, you forgot your dogs”. “He’s an eighteenth-century boy,” one protester laments in front of our camera, while another is in despair: “We are finally making progress in the case of women, and finally we are capturing the problem … they want it. Come back a hundred years.” “He” Eric Gemmour, author of the Half-Presidential Candidate and Museum of the Hard Right, “They” and the people around him, urging him to run in the Supreme Election or fill conferences organized to promote his book. Many trips in the air of meetings.

Ajaccio, Biarritz, Loire-Atlantique: The pattern repeats itself

This Saturday, he will be coming to Nandes Zenith to talk about his latest work. France did not say its last word In front of his fans. The hostility that arose in Pleurtuit was not an isolated case when he came to the rooms welcoming him in the occupied territory. His every journey now forms groups very hostile to his character and his ideology. In recent days, the situation has already occurred in Ajaccio and Biarritz.

In an intervention filmed on our microphone, Eric Gemmore shows a silence, under which a kind of rage erupts: “This is the usual anti-fascist drama. Stalin taught all communist parties in the 1920s that it was necessary to invite their opponents. .

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Goals on posters: Eric Zemorin’s lawyer wants trial

And in Nantes, the atmosphere does not seem very calm. Posters bearing the plaintiff’s image were torn down at the scene. Some are even thicker with the target. This prompted Olivier Bardo, Eric Zemor’s lawyer, to write a letter to the Nantes State Attorney on Friday to begin the investigation. “It is a direct stimulus by choosing the design of a target on the forehead and adding the word in large and red in a box.Required‘To make a material attack on the physical integrity of Eric Zemor’ ‘, the Council in particular promises, continues:

“Given the seriousness of these acts, thank you for agreeing to initiate an investigation against all the authors and co-offenders of the aforementioned condemned facts and all other offenses which your investigation reveals.”

According to Stanislas Rigold, the leader of Generation Z, one of the meetings that serves as a key feature of the former journalist and political journalist’s campaign, they are, in particular, those who should be particularly pitied at the end of the audience account. “We insult the ‘garbage, fascist’ people who came to attend a conference! It bothers me, they didn’t ask for anything,” he pleaded to BFMTV.

Robin Werner BFMTV Reporter


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