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Seven people were killed in two avalanches in the French Alps. This was reported by the local authorities, who warned of the instability of the ice due to the high temperatures.
The first snow mass fell late in the morning in the municipality of Valoir in the Cole de Galiber sector, 2,642 meters above sea level. For four people aged 42-76 from Grenoble County, there was nothing they could do. The victims were among a group of five hikers, only one of whom survived. The second avalanche occurred this afternoon in the Mont Bouri sector, at an altitude of 3,779 meters in the Vanoise mountain range, across from the municipality. Three people were killed, according to the prefecture.
The authorities had warned yesterday of the dangers of “particularly high” avalanches at the end of this week, as temperatures fell after heavy snowfall on the mountains in recent days. (handle).

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