A mother locks her one-year-old daughter in a cat carrier and throws her out the window, and the neighbors discover: 'I heard her crying'

An incredible incident that could have ended in tragedy was the incident of a mother who threw her 21-month-old daughter from the window of her house, more than ten meters in the air, after trapping her inside a cat carrier. Fortunately, the police were able to recover the little girl safely, under the eyes of skeptical bystanders.

It happened in Berlin, and the first to notice it was a resident who heard a scream coming from outside, but although he looked to check, he saw no one: just an animal carrier that had clearly been thrown by someone, from which those screams came. He soon discovered with his own eyes that there was a little girl there.

Emergency services were alerted around lunchtime, as reported by the German newspaper Bild, and they removed the little girl from the tanker, still alive but with broken arms and legs. By monitoring the scene, the police confirmed that the little girl was thrown from the third floor of the building, collided violently with the ground, without causing fatal injuries.


Berlin police spokesman Anja Derschke He explained that the Homicide Squad took over the case, while maintaining the utmost confidentiality in the ongoing investigations. It is understood that the girl's mother, 41, was found in the apartment with her other son, who had been temporarily removed from her and entrusted to the city's Youth Welfare Office.

The woman was then immediately arrested and interrogated with the aim of ascertaining whether she was the one who carried out the crazy act or whether someone else might have been present in the house at the alleged moment of the incident.

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