Ricarda Lange and Omid Nouribur, here are the new leaders of the German Greens: from danger to aliens, their battles outside the environment

The 28-year-old politician who fights for social and feminist passion the leftAdmittedly, the number one ingredient bisexual the Bundestag, Ricardo Lange, the 46-year-old German-Iranian Muslim, expert on foreign policy and the expression of the realist wing of the party, Omid Nouribor, Is the new duo on top German greens instead of Annala Barbuk e Robert Habeck Who moved the party from the opposition force to government. New binomial election to lead Alliance 90 / The Greens It was predicted and perfectly orchestrated, with the only unexpected event that Lang had to read his candidacy speech from home and not in person at the Berlin Velodrome alongside Norrebur, as he tested positive for Covid.

“My name is Ricarda Lange, I am 28 years old, I appear as I am, and I am quite proud to be involved in politics in a party where there is nothing (my appearance, so) decides what is entrusted politically,” he began by publicly referring to the insults that accompany his work on the Internet as well against the body. Since 2019, she has already held the position of Deputy Director of the Environmental Party and from the current Legislative Council she is also a deputy. The Greens are not a political force it is an expression of distinguished people, Ricarda is the daughter of a mother who raised her alone and came to the Greens from youth politics and work in women’s house. He gained political commitment as he saw how the latter had to close due to lack of funds.

Lang embodies unconditional devotion to ideals he does not recognize concessions He often argues the previous generation’s lack of fighting in the relentless pursuit of goals environmental defensejustice and social pluralism. His program expects an increase unemployment benefits, higher reward for health assistants, contain Risky business, you are supporting people in rural areas. She is known for her analytical power and talent, but she only collected 75.9% votes, although there are no other candidates. The whole result but not the referendum was affected by the fact that she also benefited from the subsidy 1,500 EUR About covid in 2020 that he had no right to as the party leader, who immediately came back, like Barbock and Habeck. However, the rewards led to an investigation by the attorney general which is why the party base threatened not to agree to Balance of the outgoing board. However, the party hopes to do the best with it youth squad, eroding the preferences of the Social Democrats and broadening the consensus base, becoming the number one political force in the next legislature.

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The new co-chair of the Green Party Omid Nouripur arrived in Germany at the age of 13 Frankfurt am Main And found space in the party through the protest struggle. I have sided against the impossibility of maintaining dual nationality Faced for a long time against the governor of Hesse Roland Koch (CDU) has participated for years against Racism. Having landed in the Bundestag, he put himself in a circle Foreign PolicyWhich makes him appreciated among the party buddies. “We are the ones who do not surrender – he said of the greens – who oppose injustice.” The Statutes of Political Formation at the base recognize a broad right to speak, in the last National Assembly of delegates were more or less introduced 3500 cases, which is a sign of active commitment by members, but also a real nightmare for management, and the number of signatures needed for proposals to be submitted in upcoming appointments to the conference has been increased. Both Lang and Norebor are members of the Parliamentary faction of the Green Party and would not have to relinquish them, because a request he wanted to separate the position of party leader from that of party chief was rejected. Parliamentary mandate.

Omid Nouripuor now wants to create more professional structures with Ricarda Lang at the headquarters, to help the party improve communications and also avoid future mistakes in managing Finance. Want to achieve introduction a speed limits On the highways and make the party attractive to many new members. The goal – made clear at the end of his nomination letter – is to be able to express the following Advisor. His highly realistic style does not actually seem as capable of creating transportation as Robert Habeck did during his joint leadership of the party. However, the capture of a file82.6% From preferences and asserting himself over two counter-candidates, he could trust a good start to his new jobs and make the Green Party a “center-left guiding force” in motivating and criticizing even the Green ministers themselves. The antecedents already existed: when it was 1998 Joschka Fischer He was foreign minister and military mission in KosovoIt cracked the party’s base and threatened to blow up the ruling coalition. The same fate could befall Annanä Barbück if she decides to bow to pressure and give German consent to hand over artillery howitzers Previous DDR DEstonia All’Ukraine.

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