France, the mother of La Vax kidnapped her 8-year-old daughter

Lola Montimagi, 28, Maid, Divorced, A group of right-wing extremists kidnapped his daughterSurvivalists conspiracy theories, I’m still on the run with 8-year-old Mia. Perhaps abroad, in a country on the border with France it is reached by car. Police arrested the four kidnappers after they handed the baby to her mother, but Lula and Mia are not tracked down for the time being. In the story in the foreground in the French media, there is the end of the difficult marriage and separation of the parents, which are sealed with the revolt of the yellow jackets and the spread of the ideas of the French-born Kanoun movement also in the United States of America.

Lula separated from her husband four years ago and according to various testimonies she lived an conflicting divorce. At the time of the Yellow Jackets Rebellion, he fully joined the cause, making opposition to society a reason to live: This is also why Mia no longer wants to go to school, “because the state should not interfere with my daughter. Education.” Then there were incidents of violence against the ex-husband, in front of the child, and for this reason the authorities removed the custody of her daughter, which was entrusted to her grandparents from the father. According to the judge’s decision, the woman was only able to see Mia twice a month, and she was not alone.

Tuesday morning Three men appeared in front of the house in the village of Les Poulires, in Vosges. One of them waited in a Volkswagen, the other two rang the doorbell and introduced themselves as teachers in the Youth Judicial Protection Service. They showed Mia’s grandmother forged documents from the Ministry of Justice, and convinced her to hand the baby over to an appointment with the social workers. Around 11:30 the girl left the house, Shortly thereafter, the grandmother changed her mind and called social services to check, but there was no appointment with Mia that day. The alarm went off, but the girl was now far away.

On Wednesday evening, the three men and their partner were arrested in the Paris region, also thanks to the fact that they were already known to the security services and remained under control: a few days earlier. They suspected C.In the vaccination center, the tax office or against the police, and also to prepare for the abduction of children “to rob them from the state and child sexual exploitation networks.” Weapons and explosives were found in the apartment of one of them.

The event organizer appears to be Sylvan B. , The 58-year-old Parisian pianist, who denounced on social media the “healthy Xovid plot”, “Biden’s robbery against Trump” and “the impending false coup after that. Force will crush all opposition in France.” Epinal Public Prosecutor Nicholas Hitz reported that the four men were in custody They are not cooperating with the authorities and say they are proud to have rescued Mia from the pedophile network. Mia’s paternal grandparents, who raised the child for the first five years of her life and got it back, say they are broken and hope she will soon be home, while her maternal grandfather, Lola’s father, who is also the owner of a conspiracy theory, says that Justice should clean one’s home before treating others as child kidnappers. Authorities have released Mia’s photo and contact number (0800.36.32.68) if they see her.

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