Susanna Olan: RDL presenter apologizes to flood victims

When Susanna Olan reported to the broadcaster RDL about her cleaning job at Bad Munsterifel, she had mud on her face and clothes. Apparently she wanted to give the impression that she had helped. But video recordings show Olan covering himself with mud. Now he has apologized for what he did.

On Instagram, he writes: “Gutten Morgan in the flooded area on Monday, in front of the switch for Deutschland for. I made a serious mistake. After I had already personally assisted in the region in the previous days, I was embarrassed in front of the other assistants that morning. Then, without thinking twice, I smeared mud on my clothes. As a journalist, that should never have happened to me. As a person who cares about the suffering of all those affected, it has occurred to me. forgive me.”

An anonymous video clip was released earlier in which Olan and his TV crew can be seen standing in the middle of the rubble and rubble, waiting for filming to begin. At one point Olan bends down, reaches for a puddle and spreads the dirt on her face. The idea arises that he deliberately turned himself into dirt for TV movies in order to be personally victimized.

RDL considers pictures taken from a home to be reliable and wants to get to the bottom of accusations locally. Rep Our correspondent’s attitude clearly contradicts journalistic policies and our own standards. So, we gave her leave on Monday after we found out about it, ”an RDL spokesman said on Thursday. Was before “Image” And Tz Announced.

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Olan also serves as editor of the RTL magazine “Gutton Morgan Deutschland”, where the report was broadcast from the floodplains.


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