Highway Toll Booths, Everyone Gets Fines Using Telepass: Alert Goes Off |  Do not do this maneuver
Highway toll booths

Fines are pouring in at highway toll booths, and it’s all happening in the Telepass lane. Stay away from this madness.

Taking our car for long trips is always fun: we have fun panoramaWe stop as many times as we want, and we’re in The company of people dear to us We can’t wait to reach the desired destination. Of course there are also negative aspects such as, for example Tired From driving too much, and Difficulty finding parking Hey Costs From highways.

Not only that: they are formed directly on the highways Endless queues Because of the large influx of people who stopped at Columns to pay fees And keep doing it. Fortunately, a method has been invented that saves a lot of time for every driver. It’s about Telepass: a An electronic device installed inside our car Useful for speeding up times.

Telepass uses technology Wireless To proceed with payment Connect the device located in the passenger compartment to the antennas located at the entrance and exit of the highway. By communicating with each other, by sending different signals, it is possible to record the passage of a car and ensure that the barrier rises to allow us to pass.

In theory, this is an effective and effective solution, but what is thought of does not always work well in practice. In fact, a lot of them are flocking in this recent period Fines Precisely because of this device. If you take a certain action Maneuver Near the Telepass, you make a mistake and are immediately punished.

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Fairly useful

To avoid infinite creation traffic jam On the highways, it was thought that a device was being created that would speed up the payment method for drivers in such a way that the cars would flow faster. However, since it is an electronic device, it can be damaged Damage And it does not perform its function as it should.

If you perform a certain maneuver near the Telepass, the latter will take effect tilt It will no longer perform its work as it should. Furthermore, the driver who caused the crash receives a fine that could have easily been avoided. We must always be careful about the way we act behind the wheel.

Telepass 2 - 0-100.it
Telepass 2 – 0-100.it

Prohibited maneuver

If while transitioning to Telepass, The bar should not rise There is only one action to avoid: doing it Reverse gear. This maneuver can Disturbing the wireless connection between the device and the antennas. Moreover, because it is It is strictly prohibited under the Highway Code When reversing on the highway, we also get a hefty fine.

Violation of the rule prohibiting reversing on highways and roads outside cities entails this A fine ranging from 431 to 1,734 euros. And not only that: they come 10 points were deducted from our license Leadership. If a situation arises in which the barrier does not allow you to pass, do not turn back, but ask the staff for assistance.


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