Rumors about the trip of the Russian oligarch - Libero Quotidiano

Roman Abramovich Escaped. After the Russian oligarch is punished for being close to Vladimir Putin, she will look for him house in Dubai. According to the rumors transmitted by the agency BloombergThe billionaire has been looking for an apartment for the past few weeks Palm JumeirahPalm-shaped island with luxury residences. before it was Gerard Depardieusince 2013 a citizen of Russia and a great friend of the President Russian President Vladimir Putinto give up.

The actor has already offered his Paris house, vineyards, and all real estate in France for sale, because he said he wanted to live by sailing by stopping in from time to time in Turkey or the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, oligarchs have been in the crossfire in the West for weeks, to the point that more than one person has had to review their new life. A much more modest existence than they experienced before.

Meanwhile, the UK wanted to be reassured by making it clear that the sanctions imposed on Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine can only be rescinded by Moscow’s commitment to Complete ceasefire and troop withdrawal. The British Foreign Secretary sent a clear message to the Kaiser, les trusswhile specifying the possibility of reinstating the penalties in any case in the event of a new aggression.


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