Daniela Buschner’s cookies did not want to win, which is why she sought the ready – made pancake mix.

© Screenshot / Instagram / dannibuechner

Last weekend, Dani Büchner kicked off the Christmas season. But the “goodbye Germany” star appears to be training again to shoot the cookie. All three attempts go wrong, which is why she eventually sought a ready-made mix.

Mallorca – Danny Buschner (43) wanted to be in the Christmas mood last weekend with his kids. But the baking cookies backfired completely, which is why the “goodbye Germany” immigrant used ready-made pancake dough. “Well, I’m not going to be this year’s baker today,” she admits to followers.

Daniela Büchner is known for her lack of words, so she did not hesitate to post failed cookies on Instagram for the show. Initially, the TV star gave her kids everything to surprise them with delicious vanilla croissants. But all three attempts went very badly. Extratipp.com from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

Goodbye Germany: Danny Buschner’s cookie campaign has backfired

“I’m going to start again because the first plate didn’t work. The biscuit turned a little black, so I turned it off again and brought in a new one,” Danny told his fans on Instagram on November 14. But the second attempt was unsuccessful.

Dani Büchner shows the end of his cookies

© Screenshot / Instagram / dannibuechner

“Then guys, if it goes in the oven now it’s like when the firecrackers come out: how does it come out,” the 43-year-old shows his fans his end – instead of small croissants, Danny’s cookies are the basis of a cake. Because the flour is spread all over the baking sheet.

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Danni Büchner uses ready-made pancake dough

Tony seems to have quickly figured out the reason for this: “I used too much butter, I think the dough was not cold – that’s it.” To be done. “I make pancakes. Theoretically see for yourself,” Danny brings his fans up to date while holding a finished mix on hand.

This is how the TV star succeeds in the excitement of her children. Whether done at home or not, the main thing is that you like it.


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