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Chiara Ferragni No longer backs down. A few days ago, the influencer has been posting snapshots of her without clothes. Last picture of her on a boat in Greece while on vacation with old friends like Veronica Ferraro And the Angelo Tropea. On the yacht, the digital entrepreneur wears white sunglasses, a lurex slip and The chest is covered with two small hearts. For the rest, nothing. To accompany the call: “Free the nipples,” or “Free the nipples.”

However, there is no shortage of criticism: “He’s exaggerating lately,” “a shocking photo,” “just open up a fan,” some commentators write. Could this be enough to change your mind? What is certain is that several times the wife videos She responded harshly to those who said they were angry about some of the shots because she is a mother.

“A mother feels good about her body because of Should you feel guilty? Thunder in response. We women have to double to be half appreciated. I say to myself and all of you: let us not give up the fight and pretend that we are considered equal to men. “An outburst suggests that criticism will escape Ferragni and that she will continue to show off her beautiful body, whether we like it or not.


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