WhatsApp fraud spreads on International Women's Day;  Your account can be accessed

arrive in International Women’s Day Criminals are taking advantage of history to try to defraud people through messages in The WhatsApp.

There are several reports that a new WhatsApp scam is circulating They steal data of people through the app.

Apparently victims cheat First they receive a message with a greeting for Women’s Day on WhatsApp and then they are invited to participate in a contest. According to the letter, the prize is a Nespresso coffee machine.

How does WhatsApp scam work?

After accessing the link, people are directed to a page with the company’s logo on it, so it looks like cofficial contest.

Next, victims must fill out a form with personal data and then choose between 9 boxes. Participants must choose one of the squares to win, apparently on the first attempt they fail and on the second, the message they have appears cattle coffee maker.

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But to claim the supposed prize, the “winner” must submit Connect 10 contactsBy doing so, we ensure the continuation of the fraud and the continued theft of personal data from other users.

Although the origin of the fraud cannot be confirmed, the fraud scheme is known to be Personal data theft To be then sold in the database.

Why is WhatsApp data stolen?

Although the purpose of the use of this data is not known, the authorities have warned that the data could provide access to the bank accounts of those affected or steal an account The WhatsApp.

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It has long been warned that thieves of WhatsApp accounts or cyber crime They use the method of social engineering to obtain the victim’s token.

With this data they send a message warning that the account is The WhatsApp It has been hacked and they ask us to send a verification code which we will receive via SMS and thus access the account.


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