48 million French people have received at least one dose, according to Stanislas Kneux-Chateau, president of Doctolib
Stanislas Neukes Chateau, founder of Doctolib at franceinfo on Monday, August 30. (France Info/Radio)

This summer, the vaccination campaign accelerated. Franceinfo guest Echo, founder and president of Doctolib, Stanislas Niox-Château, watched appointment reservations fly away. Since the speech of the President of the State announcing the establishment of the health passport on July 1212 million French have set the date for vaccination“.

Did the extension of the health permit to nearly two million employees in spaces open to the public revive the campaign? “No acceleration over the past few days. About 80,000 to 100,000 take their vaccination appointment on Doctolib every day”.

This vaccination campaign has been a huge success, but we must continue to mobilize

Stanislas Neukes Chateau, founder of Doctolib

on franceinfo

The government wanted 50 million French people to receive at least one dose by the end of August. According to the head of Doctolib, the goal will be reached “before the end of the weekIt identifies that 48 million people have already taken the lead.

More than 45 million French are now registered with Doctolib. The startup has grown and employs about 2,000 people. The company is also preparing to hire 1,000 new employees. Praised, sometimes criticized. Doctolib’s competition authority is investigating, after receiving a complaint about abuse of a dominant position.

On franceinfo, Stanislas Knox Chateau removes concerns and criticism: “I tell myself that we can be a private company and serve the public interest (…) We are 3,000 times smaller than American companies, we are six or seven times smaller than our competitors!

The leader defends his model: “Doctolib’s only business model is the software and services we sell to healthcare professionals. We only have one income form, this is the form“, indicating that it does not sell the data of its users, and confirms that it”protectedThis data.

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