Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall finalized divorce-
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Nothing is known so far about the agreements made by the lawyers, but astronomical numbers have been assumed, given that Tycoon is among the richest men on earth

The actress and model’s lawyers say they’re still friends Jerry Hall66, the media mogul Rupert Murdoch91, while giving news that state final divorce for the couple. Good Friends Though Hall claimed in his June divorce petition to Los Angeles Superior Court that he was unaware of the full nature and extent of all of (Murdoch’s) assets and debts and that he would amend the application when the information was confirmed. .
Confirmed information, farewell was successful. Although we (yet) don’t know anything about the deals the lawyers have made, we can imagine they are multi-million dollar deals, given that the Australian-born Tycoon is among the richest men on earth.

Little is known about what happened, but no small details have been found that many English newspapers found important for the purpose of the story. Hall’s lawyers reportedly handed Murdoch the divorce papers while he was about to board his private jet, right after his niece’s wedding. shocked him. The daily MailInstead, he wrote about it: Our sources say Hall was devastated by the breakup and you believe Mr Murdoch was unhappy that he had been isolated for so long to prevent him from contracting Covid-19.

It was she who, at the beginning of the summer, made clear her application for divorce with seemingly irreconcilable (and very offensive) differences. For the hall, it’s the second great ending to a love story, the first with a Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger He had four children but was never officially married. to me Detroit Free Pressrocker said: Since I quit smoking it has become impossible to be with her. For Mr. Murdoch, the father of six, Hall became the fourth ex-wife. Even the penultimate businesswoman Wendy Deng used the same words to describe the reasons for the ending: irreconcilable differences.

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Murdoch and Hall got married on March 5, 2016, at St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street newspaper, London. He played bridesmaids Elizabeth and Georgia May Jagger, daughters of the actress. Right after the union, the publishing giant said he was the happiest man in the world, and reportedly courted her for several months before snatching herself up (eventually not much). Always daily Mail Hall says he now lives in a $37 million home in Bel Air, a sprawling estate built in the 1930s by Oscar-winning director of Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz Victor Fleming. The ex-husband purchased the property in 2013 for $28.8 million.

As soon as the news of the divorce came out, it was said that the separation would not change the company’s structure and the succession of the Murdochian empire. Although now everyone is wondering: what will the agreements be? After all, we’re still talking about a man with a net worth of $21.7 billion: the 31st man in the United States and the 71st richest in the world. Among its characteristics FoxThe New York Post and the The Wall Street Journal in America the sun and the times in the UK Sky News in Australia.

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