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He added, “During the night, the Taliban enter homesFind unmarried women between 16 and 45 and take them away: Maurizio Molinari, Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo guest A On air On La7, he transmits the testimonies of Afghan journalists, who are informed every day of what is happening in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan that is now in the hands of students of the Qur’an. “We know that They block all pictures of women in public And we know that they shoot those who raise the Afghan national flag – continued Director Republic -. They are starting to enforce their law and this multiplies the desire to flee for those who have lived in Afghanistan under a very different regime for the past twenty years.”

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Referring to the crowded crowds near the airport, which are clearly visible in many photos and videos, Molinari explained: “In that crowd there were 10,000 people. Ten thousand people pay to escape at any cost from the hell of the TalibanRegarding the moderate image that the country’s new masters want to give about themselves, the journalist said: “They announced their desire to declare the Islamic Emirate, but they have not yet done so, because they have not yet done so. They are trying to form an Islamic coalition government. This is the pragmatic turning point for their leadership.”

But Molinari also made it clear that negotiations with the former leaders to form the coalition government are going very badly, because what the Taliban is offering is less than nothing. We are heading towards declaring an Islamic Emirate that in all respects refers to the previous Islamic regime of Mullah Omar.. This puts Pakistan in a big bind, and thus China, which instead wants the Taliban’s pragmatic tipping point.”

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