Four questions on Horizons, Edouard Philippe's new party

Edward Philip launched his party. For about two hours, the former prime minister spoke onstage in Le Havre (Seine-Marine), Saturday 9 October, in front of nearly 3,000 guests, according to the organizers. The new party leader defendedPartnership Logic With The Republic on the move (LREM), by providing support to the President of the Republic in I have seen from the election 2022 presidential election. Franceinfo Answers the questions that arise pointing to After creating this party.

Why did Edward Philip choose to name his party Horizons?

Edward Philip justified his party’s name by explaining it “that you have to see it far away”, until 2050. Therefore, the prospects refer to the goals that the political party has set for itself. Edward Philip He mentioned it on stage before transcribing it into a series of Tweets.

First, the party declares that it wants to propose Clear lines of action in French. would like to give A new political presentation based on openness and rejection of sectarianism.confirms to the party. before appeals to Internet users to join its ranks to imagine “the new horizons for France”.

What ideas did this new party advocate?

Edward Philip defended in front of his fans “Logic of Partnership, Gathering” Dual membership authorization. Obviously, members of Horizons could be affiliated with another party. Calligraphy is the preference of serenity over fever., Developed by the former Prime Minister, former L.R.

“It is a long-term but necessary democratic fight,” he added (…). We lack a strategy for 2050.” And “I want to build it with you”He said in front of a full house.

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The former minister mentioned four “Dizziness”, or the priority challenges that France must face. male first The demographic challenge Then dizziness environmental. “We believe that this ambition requires an effective policy to decarbonize our economy, preserve biodiversity and increase investment in excellence in the French energy and agricultural sectors”Has it been explained? Program-like presentation on their website. The third concerns geopolitics and finally the technological challenge.

What is Edouard Philippe’s goal with this new training?

In the short term, the party wants to support Emmanuel Macron and LREM during the 2022 presidential election,So that the next five years will be useful.”Edouard Philippe was launched on stage. TIt is very clear that my goal in 2022 is to re-elect the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.”, confirmed it.

“This re-election will require expanding its electoral base.” And “The goal is to create a real party, with the laws to be deposited on Monday, the Charter of Values”, he said, explaining that the mayors will have a special place there with a “holographic” Who will elect the vice president. While Emmanuel Macron’s supporters try to structure a “Municipal House”Edward Philip confirmed it “If it’s a banner, we’ll be behind us.”

In the long run, you want Horizons Defining a strategy for France is a collective adventure., reassured the mayor of Le Havre. But the question of the 2027 presidential election is not on the agenda, as Frederic Valio, a supporter of Edouard Philippe, stressed on the France Info website. “We’ll see it all. Right now, there’s a deadline and it’s 2022. We have to build in time”, stress I change the mayor of Fontainebleau.

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Who witnessed the birth of this party?

Dans l’assemblée, face à un Edouard Philippe seul sur scène, se trouvaient les patrons des trois groupes parlementaires de la majorité à l’Assemblée, Christophe Castaner (LREM), Olivier Becht (Agir) et Patrick Mignola (MoDem fa) Mobility. Approximately 160 mayors and 600 elected officials buildings and About sixty deputies and senators She was also present.

Some mayors appeared alongside the former minister at the end of his speech. In the front row, the national team Anger Kristof PicchuWho was appointed Secretary-General for this? Which makes it number 2 in Horizons. Elected Republicans (LR) It runs the association La République des maires.

to me they sides I also found a dolphin burkeleyMayor of the 9th arrondissement of Paris and member of the Regional Council of Paris-Ile-de-France. The Paris national team left LR In 2019 she is now a member of La France Bold, the political movement founded by Christian astrese.


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