A new version is able to detect turn signals and hand signals while driving

Tesla Vision, the brand’s California autopilot system, will soon be able to detect and interact with new items that may appear on the road. Elon Musk has already announced that an upcoming software update will take into account turn signals and hazard lights for other vehicles as well as flashing lights for police and ambulances, reports Electric.

The CEO of the company, speaking of a new version of the system “amazing”, added that the algorithm that powers the manufacturer’s cars will also be able to pick up “hand gestures”. The 2,000 Tesla owners who have already had access to this latest update have found that the Tesla Vision is already detecting the taillights of other cars, the US website reported.

Respond to all situations

The manufacturer’s goal is to achieve complete autonomy from the automatic drive system. For this, the device must be able to respond efficiently and completely safely to all situations that the motorist is required to face. Thus, the new version of the Tesla Vision is completely dependent on images provided by cameras equipped with cars, and no longer relies on data transmitted by sensors.

Additionally, Elon Musk said his teams are currently working on software capable of detecting sirens and other audio signals from emergency services. The Tesla Vision Beta v9 should be available to other customers of the brand “in about a month”, at the end of the testing phase.


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