«Que chacune et chacun aille se faire vacciner. Dès que vous êtes appelés, allez vous faire vacciner», a martelé ce dimanche Thierry Breton, le commissaire européen en charge de l

The European Commissioner said on BFMTV, provided they are vaccinated, the French will be able to leave “probably as it did last year in Europe.”

On Sunday afternoon, European Commissioner for Industry and Tourism Thierry Breton said on the BFMTV microphone that the French can start planning their summer vacation. “There is no doubt that as it happened last year in Europe (…) I sincerely believe that we can start highlighting ourselvesHe was not declared.

Provided he was vaccinated, he punched it. “This will be important for the gradual opening up of the European continent and being able to go on vacation.»«Let everyone go get the vaccination. Once you are contacted, go get vaccinated.»

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Vaccine doses must be present. In the second quarter, in Europe,We’ll have too many doses to arrive“, 410 million in total, Thierry Breton confirmed. The European Commissioner indicated that Brussels had negotiated an additional 50 million doses with Pfizer-BioNTech in the second quarter.”

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