Elon Musk Starlink Promise - Financier

Network Starlink de Elon Musk satellite I am going to sendbroadband internet around the world, Except in the polar regions, in AugustMusk announced Tuesday.

space exploration technologies So far, more than 1,500 satellites have been launched starlink Operating in dozens of countries musk During a presentation at a conference Mobile World Congress. This costs a lot. total investment SpaceX He said he’ll have $5 billion to $10 billion on the net before cash flow turns positive.

“We recently surpassed the remarkable strategic figure of 69,420 active users,” Musk joked. “I think we’re on track to have a few hundred thousand users, maybe more than 500,000 users in 12 months.”

SpaceX aims to offer 5 percent broadband of the world where traditional wireless and fiber networks do not reach. Musk said he signed two agreements with Telecom operators of the “big countries”, but who can not name them yet, and who talks with more. Starlink will provide so-called “transporterFrom data to your networks. satellite network It currently has a capacity of about 30 terabytes of data per second, and Musk said his goal is to have user latency, or network latency, under 20 milliseconds.

Musk, who turns 50 on Monday, talked about the many additional improvements that are taking place during SpaceX’s $74 billion business update.

The company plans to launch a new version of the Starlink satellite next year, which will have laser links between the satellites to help them cover the polar regions. Its engineers are developing a new ground station to limit losses: The satellite dishes that customers currently install on rooftops cost more than $1,000 to manufacture, but sell for only half, he said.

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He said SpaceX is also planning an orbital flight for its giant Starship rocket “in the coming months.”


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