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this Thursday, October 21, is celebrated on world energy saving day An initiative that seeks to promote and educate people about Energy saving Perform the small actions that make difference and her Positive effect in the planet.

Nice Colombia Share the following recommendations for Energy saving In your home, office, or other place you visit regularly:

  1. Take advantage of natural light: Use it for home and office work to avoid unnecessary use of artificial light. It would be helpful to locate your desk near the windows, which are a good source of light.
  2. Change the traditional lamps Low consumption or LED
  3. Avoid charging your cell phone at night– You won’t know when charging is complete and you will continue to use power.
  4. Turn off the computer when not in use. Power is still used in sleep mode
  5. Unplug household appliances When I don’t use it
  6. Use the refrigerator correctly: Do not unplug it and avoid opening it several times, as the cold chain is broken
  7. Reduce air conditioning and heating– Open doors and windows to circulate air, or use double windows for heating
  8. Use the clothes dryer in extreme emergencies: It is one of the most energy consuming products. Always choose to air dry the clothes.
  9. Update your electrical products and appliances By others with greater technology who have been approved through regulations such as the Poster Art Regulations (RETIQ)

these Minor changes NS Energy saving It can make a difference in the long run if done every day, remember not just saving once a year, But every day to contribute to reducing the impact climate change and protection planet.

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