Oxxo se despide de la ANTAD para optimizar operaciones

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With the aim of improving its operations, Oxxo has ceased being an active partner of ANTAD since last April 15th

With the intention of improving its operations, the chain store Oxxo No longer an active member of the National Self-Service and Department Store (ANTAD) Since last April 15.

“At the beginning of the year a business analysis was conducted to improve our operations. In this sense, we at OXXO made a decision to separate from ANTAD, as part of this initiative.

However, it is Oxxo, the convenience store chain with the largest number of establishments in Latin america, Is the second series to withdraw from ANTAD classes in just over two years. The other exit happened in February 2019, when Walmart de México reported their split from ANTAD.

Meanwhile, this association, headed by Vicente Yáñez, reported that its sales in April, corresponding to the same stores, that is, those with more than a year of operation, increased by 46.8% compared to the same month of 2020, so that the total sales for the fourth month of the year increased. Current 376.2 billion pesos.

Meanwhile, March 2021 sales saw, in annual terms, a rebound less than that observed in April, because if the sales of their same stores were compared in March, they increased by only 6.5%.

In this way, the association’s sales recorded two consecutive months in annual increases, as the sales of its stores decreased in February compared to the same month in 2020 by -1.5%.

In addition, the decrease in sales in the ANTAD stores themselves in January was even greater, because in the annual outlook for the first month of 2021, it shrank by -8.2%.

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For the month of February, ANTAD sales totaled 207.3 billion pesos, while in January the figure was only 104.6 billion pesos.



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