Mexico on the border with Gaza: This is how Trump jokes about Biden's gaffes

And disturbed by insinuations about the workings of his memory, by the many lapses he had made in recent days, Joe Biden He called a press conference to defend himself in front of journalists' cameras: It is unfortunate that on this occasion the president also committed another gaffe, referring to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as president of Mexico.

catching the Chane, Donald Trump He dealt a blow to his rival in the upcoming presidential elections, as he posted a screenshot of Biden next to a geographical map in which Egypt was effectively replaced by Mexico. However, the former US president committed a similar gaffe when he confused Hungary and Turkey, during a campaign speech in New Hampshire, last October 2023. “There is a man, Viktor Orbán. Has anyone ever heard of him?”“, the billionaire asked his fans. “He is probably one of the most powerful leaders in the world. He is the leader of Türkiye.” Trump announced.

the last Slips But of a “geographical” nature, it was carried out by Biden, who summoned journalists yesterday evening to defend himself from accusations of presbyopia, and launched an attack on special prosecutor Robert Hoare, whom he portrayed as “”An old man with poor memory“In the investigation into the handling of a number of confidential documents.

The misstep came in the final stages of his speech, when he was analyzing the state of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, at a time when it seemed that everything had finally gone smoothly. “I think, as you know, that the response in the Gaza Strip is exaggeratedThe Democratic leader the beginning, President of Mexico Al-Sisi did not want to open the doors to allow the entry of humanitarian materials. I talked to him and convinced him to open the portal. “I spoke with Bibi to open the gate on the Israeli side.”.

open sky, Abdel Fattah Sisi He became president of Mexico, the latest in a long line of missteps by Biden in recent days. First, Emmanuel Macron was confused with former French President François Mitterrand, who also died 28 years ago, and then Angela Merkel was confused with Helmut Kohl, the former German Chancellor who died in 2017.

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In practical terms, this is exactly what Democrats wanted to avoid hearing after the election Controversy The past few days have been sparked by problems in the memory of the candidate who must compete with Trump to win the next presidential election. In short, the attack strategy against Hoare, which had strong support from the entourage of the current US president, ultimately turned out to be a reversal.


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