They ate free for three years because of a mistake and now have to pay for everything|  curiosity

A mistake at a food delivery service in Japan caused some of their customers to eat free for nearly three years, but now they’re demanding they pay for it all.

according to Dimay can There has been a glitch in the payment processing system for a food delivery service for some time, but they just realized it.

As the company explained in a statement, the issue involves orders that were paid for through apps from mobile operators DoCoMo, au, and SoftBank.

Food delivery payments accepted and delivered in a timely manner.

However, a bug in the Demae-can system caused operators to refund or cancel payments.

The company began paying through mobile operators on August 24, 2018, so they estimate failures could occur any time between 2018 and 2021.

Although it is not very clear about the exact moment when the failures began, Demae-can surprise its clients with a statement informing them of its intention to collect money corresponding to their orders.

“They charge me 60,000 yen [unos 550 dólares]. A client message captured by national media, and quoted by RT, says.

Another affected commented: “I received a one-sided message telling me I have to pay within two weeks due to a payment error.”

So, those who have enjoyed the free food during these three years, it seems that they will have to pay for everything; Although there is a bug in the company’s system.

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