Portable PS2 is a reality thanks to a DIY fan

He did wonders with a portable Wii and started over by creating a fully functional portable PS2.

Repeat abuse. After a portable Wii the size of a Game Boy, GingerOfOz attacked another console. This time he created A portable PS2 Fully operational in just two months.

A portable PS2 that looks great

brazenly premeditated PS2 eclipseHand-made handheld console was Made of PS2 motherboard, then transferred to a 3D printed frame decorated with PS Vita, Switch Joy-Con buttons, Screen 13 cm in 480p resolutionA battery and some other components and circuits.

Rather than relying on emulation, the portable console has a real PS2 motherboard that has been minimized. This means that All games run at full speed and without glitch» can read on The creator’s Twitter account.

this object, Portable PS2 plays games from a USB drive This does, however, mean some slowdowns for certain titles and somewhat random load times.

The use of the question, this portable PS2 has a jack port for headphones, speakers and an indicator for The battery lasts about two and a half hours Estimated by GingerOfOz. Little hitch, hey It sometimes has trouble figuring out when a controller is connected, which may make some games unplayable because they don’t want to be loaded. Hopes to correct this problem quickly.

Can we buy a portable PS2?

GingerOfOz He has in the past opened his creations to commands, but It will not be possible to buy PS2 portable. Selling a portable Wii was not easy and made about fifty consoles ‘It’s just misery’.

We understand that he does not want to repeat the experience. However, if you are savvy at heart and have a 3D printer, you can always try to design one by following his article that explains How do you do it step by step.

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