Google Déploie Une Fonction De Défilement Continu Sur La Recherche

Why it matters: Google recently introduced continuous scrolling, which gives mobile users improved access to information and search results. The new feature will allow mobile users to scroll through the results instead of having to tap for the next round. This addition comes on the heels of Google’s overhaul of mobile search, which was launched earlier this year, to give users a cleaner and more focused search experience.

Google Search Product Manager Niru Anand announced Thursday that the company is rolling out a continuous scrolling feature for mobile users in the United States. Search engines have historically relied on pagination to present search results. Instead of actively navigating to another page, continuous scrolling allows mobile users to view up to four pages of search results. This feature improves interaction while providing a more intuitive experience for mobile users who are accustomed to swiping and scrolling through screens.

The new feature rolled out on iOS and Android in the US for English searches last week. Continuous scrolling benefits users who no longer have to turn away from results to manually click and load additional results. It will also help Google and its search advertising partners by ensuring that mobile users spend more time on the platform, thus increasing ad visibility.

For many, the search function on Google (or any search engine for that matter) is nothing more than a text field where you enter a question or a term, and you’ll instantly have hundreds of thousands of relevant results to browse through. In contrast to the simple virtual libraries and asset collections of the early 1990s, Research has grown into a dynamic and dynamic service that plays a vital role for users, organizations, and businesses all over the world. It is a complex, sophisticated and revenue-generating service, focused on the continuous organization of results, improving their findability and improving the user experience.

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Continuous scrolling is just another step in Google’s current optimization of its search service offerings. Earlier this year, the company launched a mobile redesign to simplify the search experience for users, improve readability, and direct users to important information while reducing distractions and noise.

Image credit: Mobile Research by Solen Feyissa; User pass by Artem Beliakin


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