Team Fortress 2 peaked at 150,000 players on Steam, a new record

The PC Games Show 2022 ended up being one of the most popular games of recent years. This is Half-Life: Alyx and very soon, later this year, it will receive an impressive mod called Levitation, which will provide several hours of gameplay and introduce us to new scenarios and enemies. We bring you the new and amazing gameplay.

The jewel in the crown of virtual reality

Half-Life Trick: Alex was supposed to arrive and embrace the Saint; It automatically became one of the most popular video games of all time, with 10 out of 10 ratings in many niche media. Also on Netcost, where we said “Alyx lives on video game history. A title worth playing now rather than later, one that has no parallel in the current context. Like Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, and countless other titles, it could lose some of its current luster over time.” But in the meantime, we are faced with a true masterpiece, a game with few flaws and always overtaken by its most amazing and insurmountable moments.”

On the sidelines, and while everyone knows Half-Life 3 is what fans of the saga are sighing desire, there’s no indication of a possible announcement. Of course, Alex’s project lead Robin Walker made some statements that kept fans alight, emphasizing that the company did not want the franchise to fall “into another narrative void.”

Valve has many games in development

Last March, the designer of the American company Greg Coomer commented in an interview that “there are many games currently in development at Valve”, and according to him, they promise to be “very exciting”. For his part, last year Gabe Newell showed his desire to develop more singles titles. Half-Life: Alyx was his last big project, while to accompany the Steam Deck launch also came out the Aperture Desk Job, a demo title that you can download from Steam completely free of charge.

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source | PC Games Expo 2022


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