Final Fantasy VII Earth cosplay seeks the promised land

It doesn’t matter if you Final Fantasy 7– Fan the first hour or enjoy this ultimate classic with the remake 25 years after the original: the promised land should be familiar to you. This mysterious place becomes the target of a villain in a Japanese RPG Sephiroth And of course you want to prevent the gray-haired swordsman from doing that.

In light of this historical adventure, which will of course continue in the newly announced Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, fans are also doing their best and wanting to motivate their digital heroes and heroines with authentic costumes. So after a great implementation by Tifa Lockhart, today we want to connect you to an equally outstanding app cosplay von erith To get attention.

Flower girl, Erith, dreams of a future with Cloud in this cosplay

This time she has a fashion tailor Neurofim She is dressed as the flower girl Erith and has a whole basket full of white and yellow lilies ready, which just lit up in the light The church in sector 5 Bright. But the fragrant flowers also cut a gorgeous figure into the Ereth basket and completed the lavish cosplay.

Neurofame’s implementation of the honest fighter from Final Fantasy 7 is also more than a success in other respects: the elaborately knotted long brown hair, red jacket and pink dress look just as realistic as the dreamy look the cosplayer chooses. Zipper or that Promised Land longs for. Incidentally, Neurofame recently presented itself as an equally amazing 2B by Nier Automata.

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More promising cosplays

Of course, the Final Fantasy 7 Aerith cosplay shown above isn’t the only pop culture costume to check out. Just this morning, we were graced by an eerily beautiful cosplayer with her female version of Venom after an Immortal Overwatch Tracer cosplay player took off in front of us yesterday.


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