United States.  In Idaho, protesters burn masks to protest the cleanup

Far-right activists met on Saturday, March 6, in Idaho to burn masks in about 20 cities. A protest called “Saturday Mask Burning”.

More than a year after the outbreak of an epidemic that killed more than 523,000 people in the United States, “Extreme right-wing protesters have gathered in Idaho to burn surgical masks and declare that they have refused to suffocate with these health devices,” he said. Report it Los Angeles Times. In Boise, the capital of Idaho, more than a hundred protesters gathered around the steps of a local capital, where they threw masks.

As a reporter for a local television station in neighboring Oregon, who attended the rally, tweeted, “Republican-elected officials attended the event, which included Vice Governor Janice McKeeching and MP Dorothy Moon.”.

In the small town of Coir de Alen, about seventy demonstrators, adults and children alike, gathered in front of a large pot and chanted. “America, America”, The daily west coast continues.

The alternative is true

The newspaper notes that similar meetings took place in about 20 cities across the state “Protesters seem to be living in an alternative reality, in which they claim that the Govt-19 epidemic is no more serious than the flu and that health orders are dictatorial.”

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