American Football: Injured off the field for at least three minutes

MLS Next Pro, the third series of American football, offers a time limit on medical staff interventions, with some exceptions. The disqualification is carried out against the same team in return

Avoid obnoxious waste of time, cover up alleged physical problems, and make disqualifications more just. With these two purposes in mind, MLS Next Pro – the third series of American football – has introduced two important organizational changes for this season, which will be discussed at three different times between federal captains and match officials to understand if they will be. functional or not. Therefore, if it can be presented definitively.

three minutes

If a player is injured and remains on the field for more than 15 seconds, the medical staff – authorized by the referee – will assist him on the field to assess the problem and help him outside, but he will remain there for three minutes. There are, of course, exceptions, including head injuries, heart problems, or other serious events. The rule, as it can easily be imagined, is designed to discourage the positions of players who would use it to gain time. This is why it is not applied in some cases: for fouls that result in yellow or red cards being issued, if the player in question is the penalty taker who must serve from eleven metres, if there is a clash between teammates who stay on Ground, if there is obvious bleeding for the goalkeepers. The casualty can be replaced immediately and the three minutes reset if there is an interval before it expires. Ali Curtis, Vice President of MLS Next Pro, spoke about this news as follows: “The law will not only allow us not to pressure doctors to take care of players, but it will also avoid gaining important seconds with intentional behavior. Interruptions, spectators will be able to enjoy more football and reduce Downtime.”

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ineligibility to return

The other change relates to the way the disqualification service is served. If a player receives a red card, either directly or after a double yellow card, he will miss the match against the same team he was facing when receiving the penalty kick. If he does not meet her again, the stopping turn will be eliminated as usual in the next match. If the disciplinary action resulting in disqualification occurs in the last game of the regular season, it will be disqualified in the playoffs if teams are passed, otherwise on the first day of the following year. Disqualification also remains in the event the player transfers. In the event of ineligibility for two days or more, one shall in any case be skipped against the same team while the others shall be dispatched in the immediate following days. Actions that underscore the great interest this association attaches to disciplinary aspects. For example, the regulation for warnings testifies to this: the disqualification is triggered on the third cumulative yellow card, but if the player does not take cards for five consecutive days, one card is subtracted from the account.


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