US outburst Kamala Harris: 'Joe Biden used it to win, not judge'

He assigned it to his closest aides and allies: even Joe BidenIn the election campaign he needed it to defeat Donald Trump, Kamala Harris He was the center of media attention and his demands were carried out by the First Democrat. Then, when it was time to judge, the Vice President was left in a cone of shadows. This is the outburst of Harris who has complained about the difficulty of managing the files entrusted to her, from civil rights to immigration, without fair press coverage. the The New York Times He spoke of the “frustration” of the vice president, who felt that the marginality of her role stemmed from the fact that, for the first time, there was no white man to cover the position. To the American newspaper, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton He supported the hypothesis that there was some kind of sexism that would punish Harris: “There is a double standard used to judge her, as it was for me.” About the deputy Karen BassThe complexity of the files entrusted to her should have prompted the White House to defend them more forcefully. Instead, Biden appears to be starting his very personal race to re-run for the 2024 presidential election: “If I’m healthy, I’m healthy now, I want to run again. And if it works, I’m healthy now. trump“This possibility increases,” said the current president. With all due respect to Vice President Harris, who is repeatedly awarded as his potential successor.

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