IT change makes online services unavailable, customers get angry

AXA Bank started the year with a big hiccup. Several of the institution’s customers expressed their anger on social media on Tuesday, complaining about the unavailability of online services after the bank’s IT systems moved.

“The deployment of the new customer area is in progress. As a result of too many connections, we are experiencing instability. Axa Bank announced on Twitter, in the face of many complaints.

“When can I access my accounts????”

The group had warned the upstream of this unavailability, “from December 31, 2021 to January 3, 2022 inclusive” due to the transition of “all IT systems to its partner platform on January 1, 2022”, but the situation remains difficult on Tuesday. The migration also caused the identifiers to be modified. According to the bank, “customers received a letter in December with their new identifiers as well as explanations for their first contact with the new customer area,” but some claimed they had none.

“When can I get access to my accounts???” A Twitter customer was incensed, when another AFP customer criticized the “improvisation and amateurishness of a bank that has no actual agency.” “My card is banned! My account is in the positive! You put in (sic) 2 hours to get my username, you change the password and your server doesn’t recognize that damn username! Another complained on Twitter.

600,000 customers in 2020

I asked, AXA Bank confirmed that “everything [ses] Teams are mobilized to answer customer questions and support them in case of difficulty.” In 2020, the insurance group’s banking company generated 491 million euros in turnover, including 165 million in France, for 600,000 customers.

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