Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has passed away: he was 99 years old -

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London – Always one step behind: all his life. This was fate FilippoElizabeth’s wife, He died this morning – In all honesty, she also reported with great sadness to the Queen through the official Buckingham Palace account -, At the age of 99: Companion Queen Elizabeth, But not his counterpart.

rotation Duke of Edinburgh – This is his title – he was always interpreted with respect and dignity: but also with the freedom afforded to those who did not bear the weight of the crown on their heads.

Prince of errors, In some ways, if one remembers all of his strolls in and out of lines: which then were not slips, but a way of expressing the inevitable impatience with the limitations he was subjected to. But also a modern prince and architect over the decades of the many openings of the British monarchy.

A troubled soul, below, behind the clown mask he sometimes wore, especially in his later years. Why His family suffered while he was with her.

Nephew of the king of Greece, He saw the Hellenic monarchy overthrown by the revolution; His mother, Princess Alice, had spent her life between mysterious crises and a stay in a mental hospital. His sister died in a plane crash and he had to attend the funeral when he was 16.

G, the Filippo family: a young Danish and a young German, all of his sisters married Germanic nobles and ended up bargaining with Nazism in one form or another.

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But the biggest influence on him was his uncle, Louis Mountbatten, Queen Victoria’s grandson and last Vicar of India: who had always considered him a son, wanted him with him in England and was able to satisfy his marriage to Elizabeth, heiress to the British throne and cousin of Philip.

On the coronation of his wife he enters a cone of shadow: And he should even give up giving his surname, Mountbatten, to his children. But who has the idea of ​​showing the official ceremony on television: this is how the monarchy opens before the eyes of the subjects for the first time.

It would also be his later initiative to ask the BBC to produce a documentary about the royal family, with the goal – not success – of appearing as normal people in some way.

An anxious soul, Filippo’s soul: who found an outlet in physical and sporting projects. As a young man he was distinguished Service in the Navy And then it became An experienced pilot of aircraft. Building on his motivation, the program called the Duke of Edimburgh Prize was born: on its basis, even today, legions of British youths have spent and spent weeks in the woods and mountains, shaping the body and the character.

Philip and Elizabeth, Love and the Crown: A History Spanning Over 80 Years
That last memory, 73, is in intimacy

It will be for this reason, too Filippo has never had an easy relationship with his son CarloWhose temperament as a shy thinker contrasts with the exuberance of his father: who imposed a cruel upbringing on him that did not suit him. Not to mention interfering with private life: Filippo has hindered Carlo’s relationship with Camilla Chand E. He pushed his son towards the aristocratic Virgin Diana (Although Charles did end up marrying Camilla and one day lead her to the throne.)

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Beside Philip couldn’t stand Sarah FergusonPrince Andrew’s wife: Mutual animosity flowed between the two. Because the Duke never resented the arrival of these girls with uncertain luck and great ambitions into the royal family: hence the hostility and suspicion towards Meghan Markle.

In recent years, Filippo has taken on some of the role Guardian of the royal family: And also because he retired, three years ago, which explains that free air that has caused corruption in the court in recent times. Tape failed.

Filippo was now Withdrawn from public lifeEven if he did not give up on his passion and his habits: such as driving a car alone, in his venerable age, until two years ago he had a terrifying traffic accident.

His disappearance – came later A recent heart operation that was performed in the last few weeks It certainly leaves a void in the monarchy that cannot be filled easily. The audience will miss his awkward outings, during which he managed to anger foreign dignitaries. The Queen will lack a hard shoulder to lean on during difficult times. We’ll all be missing a gentleman from days gone by.

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