Spain raises the amount of unemployment benefit by 90 euros per month and increases the number of beneficiaries

Increases the amount of unemployment benefits. In Spain. Economy Minister Nadia Calviño and Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz have reached an agreement to reform the allowance that will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for the green light today. It is not a simple agreement, but was the result of complex negotiations that delayed its adoption for nearly a year […]

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1 euro for the first month

Increase quantity Unemployment benefit. In Spain. Minister of Economy Nadia Calvino And the Minister of Labour Yolanda Diaz We have reached an agreement to reform the bonus, which will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for the green light today. This was not a simple agreement, but the result of complex negotiations that delayed adoption of the improvements for nearly a year. Under the new rules, the amount is increased in the first six months From 480 to 570 euros. In the following semester, the monthly allowance decreases to 540 euros and then to 480 euros, for a maximum period of 30 months and two and a half years.

The Ministry of Labor’s requests were actually more ambitious: the support was supposed to start at 660 euros in the first half of the year and then decline after that. Another important news is that the number of beneficiaries is increasing. The subsidy is Includes unemployed people under 45 years of age Without dependent family members e For those over 52 years old With dependent family members, even if their income is above the minimum, who have been excluded so far. The benefit will also include: Temporary workers in the agricultural sector And to the border across the Spanish enclaves in Morocco Ceuta and Melilla. It will also be compatible during the first six months with any salary if the beneficiary worker finds work.

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It should be noted that in Spain there are two tools to support those who lose their jobs: contribution allowance, Benefiting workers belonging to the Social Security program, specifically, unemployment benefits available to workers who are not entitled to the allowance. The latter is the instrument covered by the reform and comes into effect even when the contribution allowance runs out. That’s it in a nutshell A kind of hybrid Between helping the unemployed and Basic income. Government led Pedro Sanchez He had committed to Brussels to reform aid to receive a 10 billion euro tranche of European funds from the Recovery and Resilience Program. Of the subsidies provided to people facing difficulties, the unemployed who are looking for work and those who do not have them The right to the benefits of the contribution, After exhausting contributory unemployment benefits, So far, 971,095 people have benefited, in addition to 792,336 unemployed people who have received the contribution benefit, a total of 1.7 million people out of the 2.7 million unemployed registered in Spain, according to data from the state Public Employment Service (Sepe).


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