Under the heat wave, the balls heat up in the French Football Championship

From Friday 17 June until Sunday 19 June, the 76th French Senior Triathlon takes place at the Piciquelo Sports Plain in Bergerac (Dordogne). Hundreds of players and big fans had to deal with a heat wave: 39°C in the shade. The earth was under the sun.

Olivier, Alain and Thomas wear the colors of the Somme. They just lost their first two encounters: “We had a great time, but we couldn’t play our game.” water. “Even if we sweat, it’s okay,” Oliver smiles. Then it happens that there is a sun in the house. But here, it’s a little special. »

heat strokes

A little further afield, Remy, Jeremy and Piero play smart: “We often play at home at 38 ° C. However, these vocalis are protected from the sun. With these temperatures, they regularly spray water on their hot white balls.” Lahassan Fortunately, the pitches are gravel, not sand. Thanks to that, it doesn’t stick much. »

The fog devices were invaluable to the audience, who spent their day in the sun.

Loic Mazalri

Mark runs the Obut suite, where he has worked for 49 years. “There are no balls that adapt to heat,” he asserts. He only recommends using “stainless steel instead of carbon which is much blacker and stores heat”.

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