Never keep these items in the lid under the sink: harmful consequences for humans

The space under the sink is the classic sin refugium house. But there is something we should never wear.

No matter how big the house is, there is never enough space, especially in the rooms we use most often, such as the kitchen and bathroom. So here Those few square centimeters of the piece of furniture that support the sink becomes essential: We tend to put everything and more in it, from cleaning tools: sponges, rags, products, brushes, and pretty firm.

In the kitchen (and not only) everything should have its place and some imbalances can cost us dearly in terms of hygiene and health. (

Well, even if you always do (and see it happen), you need to know that this habit is wrong. In the kitchen above all, everything must have its place and some imbalances can cost us dearly in terms of hygiene and health. the gate Report Brazil He pointed out three things in particular that we shouldn’t put into that space.

Anything that should not be placed under the sink

Going forward, avoid putting the following product categories under the sink:

  1. chemical products

We refer, for example, to pipe cleaning products, paint removers, solvents and insecticides. These products can be highly toxic and potentially cause serious health problems if accidentally eaten or inhaled. Pets or young children are particularly susceptible to these products.

2. foodstuffs

The damp and warm environment of these wardrobes can lead to the emergence of bacteria and mold, which are very dangerous to our health.

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3. electrical equipment

Avoid storing toasters, blenders, and coffee makers under the sink. Moisture and exposure to water can cause a short circuit and even a fire.

Things you don't put under the sink
Some trivial matters can have very serious consequences: even a fire! (

the gate Report Brazil Reminds us of the opportunity that exists A very useful trick to get rid of bad odors once and for all Bath (and not only): Just mix lemon, detergent, alcohol and water. like? First, squeeze the juice of two lemons into a bowl. Next, add two tablespoons of laundry soap and mix well. Add 200ml of water, mix again and add three tablespoons of alcohol, always mixing well. Next, pour the mixture into a sprayer container. Then spray the solution on the surfaces you want to clean: from the toilets to the sink to the shower, and also on other areas of the house such as the kitchen, windowsills, stains on the floor or on the walls. seeing is believing!


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