Tom Barrack, Trump's right-hand man (and ex-King of Costa Smeralda) arrested -
From Andrea Marinelli

Very close to the former president, who saved him from bankruptcy and who organized a settlement in the White House, accused of working secretly for the UAE

else Donald Trump’s man ended up behind barsقض. After the former campaign chief Paul Manafort, Lawyer Michael CohenCouncil member Roger Stone e A bunch of other characters, was killed in California Tom Barak has also been arrested, a billionaire businessman and a trusted friend of the former president who In 2017, he was entrusted with the committee Responsible for organizing the opening ceremony at the White House.

Barak, 74, of Lebanese ancestry H For a decade the entire Costa Smeralda ownedAnd the Indicted by Brooklyn Federal Court with two other people for violating federal laws, Acting as an agent for the United Arab Emirates between April 2016 and April 2018, but also obstructing justice and making false statements to federal agents in June 2019. This behavior, said Justice Department National Security Chief Mark Lesko, is nothing more than Betrayal of American officials, including the former president.

Take advantage of his long relationship with Trump who saved him from bankruptcy He raised millions of dollars for it during the election campaign. Barak will try to influence US foreign policy Promote the interests of the UAE without registering as a lobbyist or disclosing to administrative officials that he was working on behalf of another country.

According to investigators, the businessman – who has excellent relations: Matteo Renzi said in his book straight ahead that Barack and Flavio Briatore were mediators with Trump – He was going to start working during the 2016 primaries, trying to change the speech during the election campaign. Then he will called for employment In administration, he has just installed and supported the Emirates in the confrontation with Qatar, the regional arch rival.

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Barak allegedly made telephone appointments, drafted statements, prohibited meetings and, more generally, He did everything in his power to make US policies favorable to the local teamHe also introduced the UAE in an email addressed to one of the other defendants. The entrepreneur had no direct wages for his labor, but A sovereign fund from the Gulf state has invested large sums in Colony Capital, the investment firm founded by Barack, who resigned this year.

Just an employee of the Colony, Michael Grimes, ended up behind bars with the businessman. The third person accused, Rashid Al Shehhi, is an Emirati citizen who lived in California until 2018 You’re leaving the country in a hurry after three days of FBI questioning. Barak and Grimes appeared in court yesterday, where a judge ruled that they should remain in custody while their attorneys negotiate bail terms.

Barak is also awaiting trial in Sardinia for the sale of Starwood, owner of Costa Smeraldaof the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the State of Qatar. It was bought by Prince Karim Aga Khan in 2003 for €290 millionStarwood, the founder of the consortium, includes four five-star hotels, a Porto Cervo marina, a golf club and 2,400 hectares of land. Just Difficulties of building on these landsAfter a long struggle with the management of Arzachina, they convinced the businessman On the assignment, in 2012, of the majority to the Emir of QatarHis partner, Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani, who paid 680 million.

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