After his statements Gerard Mullis, regarding possible discussions between Auchan de Carrefour, Bartholomew Ghislin, president of the Molise Family Association (AFM), with the daily newspaper La Voix du Nord. “Note ensuring respect for the historical founders and entrepreneurs of our companies, and at the same time the collective interest of employees and companies and family of shareholders. In this sense, the family demands its support for business projects, the carriers of meaning, performance and values ​​to which we are committed. We believe that the future is built through exchanges, openness to others and possibly through partnerships driven by our independent business.Before adding:We can discuss alliances or partnerships.” You can also read thereQuite frankly, the family cannot support the idea that its companies can create a closed ecosystem to address challenges, particularly environmental and digital.”, confirms the press release sent exclusively to La Voix du Nord by the Family Association. We conclude very clearly:We can discuss alliances or partnerships. We always have. But one thing is for sure: we will never sell Auchan!».

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