Aisha and Lesha are two sisters who discover a mysterious temple whose legend permeates local folklore and set out to explore it from top to bottom. A perfect excuse for Underscore studio that will therefore provide us with taking on the fate of these characters, alone or in collaboration, in a mixture of exploration, action and puzzle solving.

Concretely, the solitary player can simply take turns between the two heroes: one is dedicated to exploring places and solving puzzles, while the other is in control of a supportive bot called Ambu and his task will be to discover clues such as to the path he should take. With two players, the task is a little complicated because, as the official website of the game informs us, it will be necessary to play with two consoles. One is connected to the TV via the docking station to control Aisha and the other is in a portable mode to control the Ambu. So we imagine that the two players, although installed side by side, must meet online to find themselves in the same game. However, the underscore does not specify whether it is necessary for everyone to have a copy of the game.

Alisha – Forgetting Twin Gods Expected sometime next year, exclusively for the Nintendo console.

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