The valve increases Steam Deck production

Valve intends to send out more Steam suites in the coming months than before: Hybrid PC production has been accelerated, the Steam player announced on Twitter. In the future, it will be possible to send more than twice as many Steam Decks per week as before.

Steam Deck is not sold in retail stores and must be ordered directly from Valve. The Steam player operates the reservations system to deal with the expected high demand: First, you have to reserve a device and wait. Finally, you will be invited to the actual order by email. One of the advantages of this system is transparency: while Xbox and Playstation fans have to search many online stores every day, it is enough to take a look at the Valve website: there is always a mention when you can place an order if you book now.

According to Steam Deck, anyone who has not yet booked will likely have to wait until the fourth quarter before they can order, that is, until at least October. It is unclear whether these forecasts will improve in light of increased production, or if they are already included.

Anyone who was one of the first to book Steam Deck about a year ago should have received their hardware by now. According to Valve, the last orders promised for the second quarter of 2022 are currently being processed.

The first copies of Steam Deck were sent out in February, when the laptop gaming software in particular was still plagued by some bugs. In the meantime, Valve has fixed many of these bugs through updates and made more improvements. A common point of criticism was the loud audiences, which were constantly heard even when watching videos. At the end of May, Valve released an update to the fan curves that resulted in quieter operation under low loads.

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