A deeper look at Instagram: Leni Klum provides a preview for the next cover

Deep look at Instagram
Leni Klum provides a preview for the next cover

It seems like Lenny Klum is slowly gaining a foothold in the fashion world. Heidi Klum’s daughter is getting more and more modeling jobs and will be single-handedly on the cover of her debut in a few days. However, the fact that the 16-year-old looks so deeply does not suit all of her fans.

A few months ago, Lenny Klum made her model debut in German Vogue. Along with her mother Heidi Klum, the 16-year-old decorated the front page of the January / February issue in brightly colored oversized trouser suits.

About three weeks ago, the young talent indicated on her Instagram account that he got a new job. “I’m so excited about my first solo cover, which is coming out in four weeks!” Lenny Klum wrote at the time for a photo that only showed her face. “Here’s a little glimpse of the photo session. I can’t wait to share other photos with you guys.”

Apparently it is about to expire. “Soon … #nochzweitage,” Lenny Klum wrote Tuesday evening of a relatively revealing picture of himself. The teenager only wears dark trousers and a jeans jacket. The jacket slipped off the shoulders, revealing a low split. The 16-year-old wears a bright red lipstick.

Heidi’s job to protect her.

Not all of her 750k followers like the fact that Lenny Klum shows herself this way. Although it has already garnered 184,000 likes, there is also a discussion in the comments section. “Unfortunately, this is probably the only way to gain attention these days,” says one user. “Your presence (Lenny) Protecting from this is Heidi’s job. If she thinks it’s okay to throw her daughter into this snake pit at 16 … with his hand! Another writes.

But the pictures also liked: “Well, I think the picture is pretty. Some write that it’s too young, but the decision is theirs in the end, and the young models start at a young age.” Another Instagram user notes: “On every beach and in every pool you can see more breasts yet any normal person can handle it.”

What Mama Heidi has to say about the new photos of her oldest daughter remains unclear. In a December co-cover interview with Vogue, she said, “I think it will be some time before I can stop holding my protective hands on Lenny. It’s her career, you should be her making the decisions, but I” will be her mother forever. This is why you have to keep an eye on me if you do get in every now and then. “

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