El actor Pablo Montero aseguró estar mucho más cerca de Dios.

Actor Pablo Monteiro from his latest work has not stopped starring in countless controversies, not only because he played Vicente Fernandez and not receiving permission from the family of the deceased. He also missed the last day of recording ‘El ltimo Rey’, a fact revealed by series producer Juan Osorio.

The translator of the song “Se te olvidó” was contacted by several journalists while he was recording a video for his recent music singles. So, he wanted to make it clear now more than ever He is very close to God.

A translator was asked, “What would I do without you?

“On the contrary, we talk every day and it… well, it was a wake-up call and a period, that’s right, but there will always be affection and love from me and from me,” said Addis Tounion.

Many in the entertainment world have thought about it The artist should seek professional help to deal with this problem. However, he did not seem to like the idea very much, as he said that he is currently focusing on his daughters and spending as much time as possible with them, and also added:

No, Juan said, it’s not about that, it’s about willpowerBecause the whole series has been so well done and it shows in pictures, physique and acting, and to make a character this big has to be 100 and in good health, it just happened and they are things.”

In turn, the singer told “Sale el Sol” that he would later like to find Doña Cuquita Abarca and then move to the “Los tres foals” farm and meet her. However, it seems a little strange, because who was Fernandez’s wife in life showed their disagreement and even legal action would have been taken against the TV channel.

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Tell her I love her so much, and my mom loves her so much too. What I wanted was to take care of Vicente and do my best, Monteiro said of Chianti’s widow, and if there was something I didn’t like, I didn’t do it right away.

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