Cyril Hanouna surrenders under pressure: Jawad Bendoud will not be invited to the TPMP

While Cyril Hanoun should invite Jawad Bendoud on Touche pas à mon poste on Monday, May 23, the host announced on Twitter that the invitation had been cancelled. Before closing his program for the day, the presenter wished to explain his choice.

Monday May 23 Jawad Bendoud was to be one of Cyril Hanouna’s guests at Don’t touch my TV. The young man, who was convicted of introducing a number of terrorists involved in the January 2015 attacks, had to answer the historians’ questions. TPMP.

Announcement His invitation to the show sparked outrage Many people starting from the families of the victims. This is why Cyril Hanoun canceled this invitation on Twitter, a few hours before it went live c 8.

before he ends his show, Cyril Hanouna wanted to explain to his fans the reasons why he canceled his invitation, but also those who paid her to invite him. The host says he wanted to get the owner’s copy to understand how he found himself in this situation, for precautionary purposes: “If we had invited him Tonight I did not have a satisfied interview with Jawadbut also because a lot of young people are watching us.”He said in front of his book.

Guillaume Genton understands but sad to cancel Jawad’s interview

Once this point was clarified, Cyril Hanoun explained that it is Brunella Emanuele’s tweetA relative of the victims prompted him to cancel the invitation: “I think I made the right decision. When I read Brunella Emanuele’s tweet, I thought to myself If you write this to me, it is because there are many victims and their families who do not want to see this in the TV”captured.

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Then Cyril Hanoun allowed his writers to respond to the news, starting with Guillaume Genton. If a young man, who is confident about his eating disorder, says that he agrees with the choice of his boss and respects him “100% Victims Pain”And lament “Difference in treatment” between two Don’t touch my TVAnd other media Who greeted the convict without fanfare: “I think that It’s been years since TPMP isn’t just an entertainment show anymore. You provide information and treat it well in the face of its contradictions and errors.”He said. “Just because you’re interviewing someone doesn’t mean you endorse what they say and take credit for it.”.

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