'I want to leave an imprint': Sergio Mayer will seek to be head of government at CDMX
Mayer attended the Yordi Rosado program where he talked about his career (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Sergio Mayer reaffirmed his conviction to move forward in politics, having already spent a period of six years side by side with the party. Brown woman, in his public office as a Federal Deputy.

actor and lover Garibaldi On YouTube, Yordi Rosado shows it His intentions to advance into other positions within politics remain., this despite the fact that he was also venturing into his role as an entertainment entrepreneur, by producing the musical Sie7e, for example.

“In the short term, I want to become a senator or head of government for Mexico City,” Mayer confirmed that he is ready to face the criticism he receives from social networking sites and the media regarding this announcement, stressing that he does not attach any importance to what is said about him.

Morenista confirmed that his father-in-law, the late Jaime Camille Garza, had nothing to do with his status in the political world (Photo Screenshot)
Morenista confirmed that his father-in-law, the late Jaime Camille Garza, had nothing to do with his status in the political world (Photo Screenshot)

He stressed that his motivation to continue his political career is to “see his country.” “I want to leave a mark on something positive”He made it clear that he would not leave his face on the show, as he could effectively manage it in his spare time, so it would not conflict with his political agenda.

Serial actor Bassem most beautiful uglyHe admitted that he used the world of show business to get his way. “Today my priority is my country, Mexico is my city.” The 55-year-old theater producer also maintained that during his tenure as a deputy, he did not do any business as a businessman that questioned his integrity, or could be linked to a conflict of interest or confused with influence.

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Politics should be to support the people. I wanted to be a model to become an actor, when I was an actor, I had a family and many years ago I said “I want to do politics” and did things as an actor to become a politician because The more famous and famous you become, the more doors you open and the more possibilities you have. I used the artistic medium to get to my place.”

Meyer told the driver that Most of the actors in the political world require a license to carry out their artistic projectsInstead, he stressed, he could brag about having the most passes in the seats. “There is not a single thing as an entrepreneur, I have not done a single thing as an actor.”

Jaime Camille Garza was Sergio Mayer's second father (Photo: Quartoscuro)
Jaime Camille Garza was Sergio Mayer’s second father (Photo: Quartoscuro)

Regarding his relationship with the late Jaime Camille Garza, Mayer said he did not take advantage of the relationships and personal relationships of his father-in-law, a famous businessman, to enter politics. even in His wife Isabella Camille tried to dissuade him when he starred in Luis Estrada ideal dictatorshipAnd Because he considered that this tape was a direct attack on Enrique Peña Nieto and an indirect attack on the Camil family.

My father-in-law has always been a founder of revolutionary institutionsand 100 percent PRI and I’m from Morena (…) (“The Perfect Dictatorship”) was such a strong and familiar confrontation that it marked a turning point in our relationship that made us friends, ”said the actor. “I have nothing that my father-in-law gave me. “Everything in my house is for my business.”

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Regarding his entry into politics, Mayer said he did not enter political parties for a simple event or to seek more popularity, but emphasized that he sought the best for the country’s development and equal opportunity:I don’t live from the public treasury, of course I have to charge to do my workBut I live on the effort and work that my parents inherited from me.”

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