Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appear together in Miami

Rumors keep boiling over: Are the actor-singer really duo again? Now Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are spotted together again – and their smiles say a lot.

For nearly 20 years, they were considered a totally dreaming couple who wanted to stand in front of the altar. But in 2004 the love of pop star Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck broke out again two years later. A little later, the singer married classmate Mark Anthony and gave birth to twins Amy and Max.

Ben Affleck also found happiness in fellow Hollywood co-star Jennifer Garner, and they married in 2005 and have three children. Both marriages split, but J Lu and Bin have never found their way again – yet.

Love returns after 17 years?

After breaking up with Alex Rodriguez a few weeks ago, the 51-year-old is said to have found relief in the arms of her ex-boyfriend. And the rumors of a resurgence of love for “Bennifer,” as fans called her at the time, have continued ever since.

They reportedly met several times for dinner and spent the weekend in the US state of Montana. Pictures available for TMZ now show that the former lovers spent time together again.

After Ben Affleck was spotted at the Miami airport on Sunday, he and Jennifer were spotted on the same balcony in a waterfront villa. Shortly thereafter, they left the million dollar property together.

Above all, the singer’s face spoke volumes: he was shining in his ears. It seems that there is no longer any trace of heartbreak. In April 2021, Jennifer Lopez announced her separation from former baseball player Alex Rodriguez after four years of relationship and two years of engagement. It was said recently that Ben Affleck was in a relationship with actress Anna de Armas, but it didn’t last.

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