Who needs the European Championships and Olympics?: To begin the

Who needs EM and Olympiads?
Let the RTL Summer Games begin

It’s July 11th. Then we will know who the European football champion is. The Olympic Games will begin in Tokyo on July 23. But what do we do in the twelve days in between?! Well, watch the RTL Summer Games.

After the European Championships before the Olympics – and exactly in between, strength, endurance and iron will are also required in the RTL. On July 16-17, a new sporting event will celebrate its premiere with “Die RTL Sommerspiele”.

In two live shows, each at 8:15 p.m., more than 30 sports-loving celebrities from different countries compete in 14 Olympic disciplines. Laura Babendyk and Danielle Hartwich perform during the show in Leipzig that is all about medals, fame and honors for aspiring contestants.

Who is there? Here is the illustrious group of notable women competing in the “Die RTL Sommerspiele”:

Singer Christina “Lavi Klein”
Moderator Nina Moghadam
Model Sandy Meyer Walden
Sabrina Mokenhaupt, former “Let’s Dance” nominee
Profitänzerin Ekatarina Leonova
Actress Luna Schweiger
Former Queen of the Jungle Evelyn Burdecki
Actress Natalia Avellon
“Let’s Dance” by professional dancer Christina Luft
“No Angels” singer Sandy Mulling
Former “Let’s Dance” winner Lilli Paul Roncalli
Lt. Col. Sarah Valentina Winkhouse
“Let’s Dance” -Profitänzerin Renata Lusin
RTL Introduction Bella Lesnik
Singer “Bloomshine” Yasmine Wagner
Lily Baker model

And these notable men are part of the party:

Former Jungle Camp candidate Thorsten Legat
Comedian Ozan Kosar
“Let’s Dance” – Professor Valentin Lucin
Former professional soccer player Tim Vesey لاعب
Former professional soccer player Kevin Grosskreutz
Example: “Let’s Dance” – Candidat Matthias Steiner
Example of “Let’s Dance” Joyner Pascal’s Chickens
“All That Matters” star Teejan Negi
Example: “Let’s Dance” – Joyner Gil Ovarim
Model Marcus Schenkenberg
“Good Times, Bad Times” star Timur Ulker
Former professional soccer player David O’Doncourt
Former King of the Jungle, Joey Hendel
Previous – “Germany is looking for the star” Prince Damien the winner
Comedian Alan Fry
Evil Jared nominee for “Battle of Reality Stars”

Celebrities will be trained by “real sport legends” and “best coaches” in Germany, RTL promises. As commentators, the event was accompanied by Elmar Polk and Wolff Christoph Voss. Jana Azizi, Anna Fleischhauer and former “Let’s Dance” candidate Kai Ebel will be reporters in the competitions.

In what disciplines will celebrities compete? The program for the first day is as follows:

wrestling (men)
table tennis (men)
Swimming (women)
Swimming (men)
Rhythmic gymnastics (women)
200m (women’s)
200m race (men’s)

On the second day you have to shine in these disciplines:

Sprint Hurdles (Men)
Long jump (women’s)
climbing (men)
Cycling (men’s)
Canoe Sprint (women’s)
fencing (women)
archery (women)
1000 m lav (mixed)

Who is reaching its limits? Which nation is on top of the medal table at the end? And who are the athletes who will surprise us all? The answers can be seen on RTL on July 16-17.

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