'The Opportunists': Arlith Terran came out to defend the legacy of de la Torre
Arleth Terán will play Gloria de la Cruz (Photo: Juan Vicente Manrique / Infobae México)

Days ago, actress Arleth Garcia supported actor Arath de la Torre, after she was notified that there is a lawsuit against him over the controversial advertisement. in which Papantla’s publications are allegedly used, discredited and discriminated against.

From his Instagram account, Arleth responded to a publication in TVNotas magazine, in which he reported the lawsuit against the actor and the Spanish company Moneyman.. “The opportunists!” García said simply.

The comment earned him some negative comments, with users criticizing his stance in favor of Arath de la Torre: “I think an opportunist is to come over to make a joke or a comment from people at the national level Because he wants to do the rating at the expense of people who just follow and continue with Mexican culture,” one user wrote.

Capture: Instagram / @revistatvnotas
Capture: Instagram / @revistatvnotas

“Your friend’s simple and pervasive tweak”, “What a stupid comment“,” Seriously how bad. Remember that they live at the expense of the public, how bad you are” and “How unfortunate your comment is.” Other users wrote, “It just indicates a massive ignorance on your part.”

So far, none of the actors have commented on this. However, through her Instagram Stories, Arlette shared a quote from Carl Jung, which read:Thinking is hard, which is why most people prefer judgment.”

Last week, Papantla Flyers reported a وجود Criminal complaint before the Veracruz State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) against actor and TV presenter Arath de la Torre and the Spanish company Moneyman.

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According to a report Gulf picture صورة Emilio Francisco Durantes, President of the Council for the Preservation and Preservation of Papantla PublicationsIt called on the authorities to punish the authorities for compensation “to preserve, protect and preserve rituals, as well as to guarantee the rights of the dancers.”

In addition, the Chairman of the Board confirmed that it This isn’t the first time a company has been involved in “discriminatory acts” and the misuse of the flyer’s image. In 2016, the famous brewery used the flyer image to promote their products. Three years later, a car dealership took advantage of a contract with them to pursue the same end.

According to information from the same medium, in these cases, the publishers submitted formal complaints to the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred). But The group has not decided to file a criminal complaint to the controversial ad Comprehensive Family Development Support (DIF).

Previously, The Ministry of Culture has disqualified Spain’s Moneyman “for inappropriate use of the image of a ritual ceremony for pilots”. In an ad where He insults the party, discriminates, underestimates and makes fun of itAccording to a statement issued by the agency.

As noted by Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, Head of the Ministry of Culture Dances and rituals are part of the cultural heritage and therefore must be protected.

the actor "He studied well" The character because he played her on shows like La parodia (Image: Televisa)
The actor “studied” the character well because he played her on shows like La parodia (Image: Televisa)

“We strongly join the statements made against this propaganda and We offer our full support to the Bulletin Protection and Preservation Council‘, was sentenced.

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Respect for the human and cultural rights of the indigenous peoples who perform this dance were also requested He urged the company to compensate for the damages incurred. Later, The National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI) condemned de la Torre’s commercial championship.

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