Paris Hilton on family planning: 'I'm more interested in children'

Reality star and millionaire heiress Paris Hilton is more interested in family than career, according to her words. “In everything I’ve been through, I’ve always seen money as synonymous with freedom and independence,” the 40-year-old said on the podcast. “Just for Diversity”. “Now that I am so happy and in love with my personal life, I am not interested in billions anymore. I am more interested in children.”

Hilton was referring to the documentary “This Is Paris”, which was published in September 2020 on YouTube. In the movie, the former It girl announced that she wanted to earn a billion dollars. “I think it was a huge target for me because I was very unhappy in my personal life,” Hilton said on the podcast.

The hotel heiress announced her engagement to her businessman boyfriend Carter Ryome in February. In May, streaming service Peacock announced a 13-part documentary series, “Paris in Love,” which will feature Hilton’s wedding preparations.

“It was hard, but I knew it was worth it”

She had already revealed in January how serious she was about family planning. “We’re starting with in vitro fertilization,” Hilton said on the podcast “The Trend Reporter with Mara.” You have already had several egg retrievers behind you. “It was hard, but I knew it was worth it.”

Hilton said in the podcast that in vitro fertilization is the way she can be sure she will give birth to twins – a boy and a girl. In vitro fertilization increases the likelihood of multiple births.

She said her fiancé was very supportive of the process. It is exciting to “take the next step in my life and finally have a real life”.

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