Survivor Mexico: Valeria Coyt reveals that HAWK could be eliminated on July 11 for this reason

After his elimination on July 4, Valeria Kuwait And she admitted that the decision of the Clan Council was not a surprise to her, after the injury she suffered in her hand, which prevented her from playing in the matches of the week and of course in extinction. In the same way, the previous participant could have rebelled against a member of the Falcons who will leave the competition on July 11.

“Before coming to the council we had an excellent week as a tribe because we had a lot of victories and I said ‘wow, we’re going to get to the immunity match and we’re going to win it’ because our rhythm was good, but it was a very complicated week being on the bench, and it was very frustrating, when I found out we got to Council, of course I was thinking that I might be in the vote because I haven’t been supporting on the field during the week,” Valeria said in an interview with the media.

Valeria talked about her buddies who were with her on Survivor Mexico Extinction, these Sargento Wrap s Pablo Marti, although he was nominated as a sergeant for strategic reasons.

Said strategy needed skilled hands and someone to contribute both on the field and in the shelter, so Pablo and Sargento weren’t “doing it 100% and that was my vote,” he admitted.


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